Integrated Management System Policy

The Board of Directors and Management and the personnel of the Puerto Madryn Port, are integrated as part of a port logistics organization to provide an excellent service to our customers, which commit us to implement and maintain the validity of INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Quality, Safety and Labour Health, Environmental Management and Security of Ships and Port Facilities) always in continuous improvement, considering the following principles:

  •  Keeping Management Systems aimed at satisfying the requirements of our clients, interested parties and the whole port community.
  •  Comply with current legislation, at national and international levels and any other requirements that the organization agrees with, the regulation or legislation of others, as well as pursue recognized best practices.
  •  Participation, training and commitment of all the staff with the Integrated Management System.
  •  Ensure continuous improvement of the processes through periodic review of the objectives, specific goals and this policy, using teamwork as a tool for the satisfaction of internal and external customers.
  •  Promote the development of team spirit in the staff and individual responsibility in each Management System.
  •  Motivate attitudes and risk behaviour prevention, accidents and environmental responsibility, by promoting best practices in the use of resources.
  •  Monitor significant environmental aspects of pollution prevention.
  •  Monitor relevant aspects, regarding the prevention of criminal acts that could jeopardize the physical integrity of people, infrastructure, ships and loads.
  •  Encourage the port community involvement with this policy.
  •  Communication of this policy at all levels of the Organization.

ISO9001-2008ISO9001-Bureau Veritas

Our Vision

Make the Port Authority of Puerto Madryn to be recognized as Leader and Example in its 4 fundamental pillars:

  •  Customers
  •  Employees
  •  Community
  •  Owners

through the certification of Management Systems that ensure sustainable excellence in the provision of services in terms of quality, safety, and environmental protection.


  • Continuous improvement in Quality Management System
  • Continuous improvement in Personnel Health and Safety Management System
  • Continuous improvement of the  Environmental Management System
  • Continuous improvement in the International Ship and Port Facility Management System.